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Energy Storage

Work Package 12

In the Energy Storage Work Package, we develop and improve energy storage technologies by integrating graphene and layered materials into supercapacitors and batteries. In particular, our work covers the following areas:

  • Designing and constructing lithium ion batteries using graphene-silicon anodes, which outperform available commercial products.
  • Devising novel, more sustainable solutions based on graphene and layered materials, compatible with our innovative spray-coating roll-to-roll technology, to make supercapacitor electrodes.
  • Developing alternative technologies for a new generation of lithium-sulfur and metal-air batteries.

Charging towards commercial applications

We are working towards bringing established energy storage technologies, such as lithium ion batteries and supercapacitors, to a new level of performance in terms of power and energy density, stability and temperature range – as well as minimising the environmental impact. We do this by exploiting the favourable properties of graphene and layered materials as components in composite materials for electrodes. We also work closely with our partner companies, and thanks to this collaboration, the potential to scale up our technologies and release real products in the short-to-medium term is very high.

Work Package Leadership

Leader: Vittorio Pellegrini, BeDimensional, Italy
Deputy: Daniel Carriazo, CIC Energigune, Spain

Division Leadership

​Leader: Vittorio Pellegrini, BeDimensional, Italy​
Deputy: Xinliang Feng, TU Dresden, Germany

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