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Enabling Materials

Work Package 3

Our mission is to develop scalable methods to prepare graphene and other layered materials, and their heterostructures. We also provide state-of-the-art material samples for other Work Packages within the Graphene Flagship, enabling them to perform new experiments and build new devices using the very best materials available.

New routes to high-quality graphene

In order to incorporate graphene and layered materials into working applications and get them on the market, we need protocols to produce them on a large scale with high quality.

In the Enabling Materials Work Package, we work from an a priori perspective, proposing new cost-efficient, reliable and reproducible production methods based on theoretical deduction and careful planning. Our fundamental efforts allow us to support scientists at the Graphene Flagship, enabling their research and helping them to get the best out of graphene and layered materials.

Our Work Package coordinated the creation of the Graphene Flagship handbook for graphene production, recently published in the scientific journal 2D Materials. This comprehensive publication encompasses more than 1,500 references and the knowledge of 70 co-authors from Graphene Flagship partners and Associate Members. It details techniques to produce and process graphene and layered materials, in addition to describing the key characterisation procedures. Only one month after publication, it had already been downloaded over 17,000 times.

Work Package Leadership

Leader: Mar García-Hernández, CSIC, Spain
Deputy: Jonathan Coleman, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Division Leadership

Leader: Stephan Roche, ICN2, Spain
Deputy: Alberto Morpurgo, Université de Geneve, Switzerland

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