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Electronic Devices

Work Package 7

The Electronic Devices Work Package focuses on developing innovative electronic devices based on graphene and layered materials.

We research and develop new foundations for the fabrication processes and applications of devices and integrated circuits to be used in future electronic systems. The main focus of the Electronic Devices Work Package is on wireless communications systems, logic circuits for data processing and storage, and flexible electronics.

We are particularly interested in using graphene for radio frequency devices for wireless communication, and transition metal dichalcogenindes for logic devices in programmable circuits.

Our research will have an impact on future communication technologies, which require devices that operate at higher frequencies and with a higher data transfer rate. We will drive forward new developments in quantum and neuromorphic computation.

Breaking into the field

We developed several prototypes and working demonstrations that showcase the excellent performance of electronic devices based on graphene and layered materials. This includes flexible radio frequency devices circuits, new logic circuits, or receivers that operate beyond 100 GHz, which are key for new highfrequency, long-range communication technology.

We also developed solutions for critical steps in the fabrication process for electronic, photonic and sensor devices that have previously been a challenge to scientists. These have now been upscaled to be viable for manufacturing in an industrially relevant environment. For example, we developed a method to introduce low-ohmic contacts to graphene, and a method to encapsulate layers of graphene or layered materials to enable long-term stability

Work Package Leadership

Leader: Daniel Neumaier, AMO GmbH, Germany
Deputy: Gianluca Fiori, University of Pisa, Italy

Division Leadership

Leader: Marco Romagnoli, CNIT, Italy
Deputy: Maria Smolander, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd

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