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The Graphene Flagship is research, innovation and collaboration

Funded by the European Commission, the Graphene Flagship aims to secure a major role for Europe in the ongoing technological revolution, helping to bring graphene innovation out of the lab and into commercial applications.

The Graphene Flagship gathers 170+ academic and industrial partners from 21 countries. Bringing diverse competencies together, the Graphene Flagship facilitates cooperation between its partners, accelerating the timeline for industry acceptance of graphene technologies. Have a look around!

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Research / Biomedical / Medical Technologies

Meet the startup: INBRAIN Neuroelectronics

The CEO of INBRAIN Neuroelectronics, Carolina Aguilar, talks about using graphene-based implants to treat patients with brain disorders

By Graphene Flagship / 20 January 2021
Research / Innovation / Collaboration

Graphene Flagship launches new website

Check out the Graphene Flagship’s brand-new website, redesigned from the ground up with accessibility at heart

By Tom Foley / 11 January 2021
Industry / Materials / Our project

Setting standards for new materials

Thurid Gspann, chair of the Graphene Flagship Standardisation Committee (GFSC), explains why standardisation is important.

By Graphene Flagship / 08 January 2021
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Graphene Flagship Spearheads

Developing new and improved products with integrated graphene or related materials. The Graphene Flagship funds a number of spearhead projects, initiatives with well-defined, application-oriented objectives that are motivated by market opportunities. These spearheads focus on a wide range of application areas, but all have the common goal of developing new or improved products with integrated graphene or related materials.

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Diversity in Graphene event
11 February 2021

Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

As part of the Diversity in Graphene initiative, we are organising a Wikipedia Edit-a-thon, a free event where you can learn from experienced Wikipedia editors and edit Wikipedia entries together. Please register by the 22nd of January.

20-24 September 2021

Graphene Week 2021

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​The Graphene Flagship delivers concrete opportunities for innovation to address some of the major societal challenges in Europe. However, this effort would be meaningless without focusing heavily on sustainable development. Overall, our projects contribute to 11 SDGs. We believe graphene and layered materials will play a key role in the green revolution.

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