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Research / sensors / Collaboration

Spotlight: Santiago Cartamil-Bueno

The Graphene Flagship's Spotlight series tells the stories behind the research. PhD student Santiago J. Cartamil-Bueno is involved in various graphene-related projects. He tells u about his work and his passion for science.

By Graphene Flagship / 07 July 2017
Industry / Innovation / Research

Airbus shows its commitment to graphene focused material innovation

From left: Denis Descheemaeker (Airbus Emerging Technologies), Silvia Lazcano (Airbus Business Development and Partnership) ), Nobel Laureate Professor Konstantin Novoselov, Rafael G. Ripoll (Head of Airbus Commercial Aircraft in Spain). Copyright Airbus by Pablo Cabello.

By Siân Fogden / 06 July 2017

Graphene Membranes for the Nuclear Industry

Graphene membrane filters could help reduce the energy cost of producing heavy water and decontamination in nuclear power plants by up to one hundred times compared with current technologies.

By Siân Fogden / 13 June 2017
Composites / Collaboration / Research

Fermented Foams: Graphene Composite Foams using Beer Yeasts

Inspired by natural foams, researchers have developed graphene-containing composite foams by fermenting with yeast. The process gives the multifunctional composites unusual electrical and mechanical properties.

By Sophia Lloyd / 01 June 2017
Photonics / Research / Collaboration

Let there be Light: Deterministic arrays of Quantum Emitters

A key result from Flagship researchers demonstrates large scale, fully integrable arrays of single photon quantum emitters in layered materials, which may lead to hybrid on-chip photonics devices for networks and sensing.

By Sophia Lloyd / 22 May 2017
Research / Materials / Composites

Hybrid Heterostructures with Programmable Potentials

In a novel controllable chemical method, Flagship researchers have created hybrid nanomaterials that can be tailored to have programmable electronic and optical properties - ideal for designing new types of electronics with new functionalities.

By Sophia Lloyd / 26 April 2017
Research / Materials / Diversity

Spotlight: Cinzia Casiraghi

The Graphene Flagship's Spotlight series tells the stories behind the research. Cinzia Casiraghi describes her experiences working in academic graphene research, and the challenges she faced in becoming a professor.

Research / Collaboration / sensors

Dark-state gas sensors

The Graphene Flagship is exploring graphene and related materials for novel sensor concepts. A new mechanism of gas sensing using dark exciton states has been proposed for efficient sensing via distinct optical fingerprints.

By Sophia Lloyd / 19 April 2017
Electronics / Research / Telecom

Ultra-thin logic: flexible computing with layered materials

Researchers from the Graphene Flagship have demonstrated the first fully functional microprocessor based on a layered material. The processor chip consists of 115 integrated transistors and is a first step toward ultra-thin, flexible logic devices.

By Graphene Flagship / 11 April 2017