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Casiraghi Ink Jet
Research / Materials / Diversity

Spotlight Cinzia Casiraghi

The Graphene Flagship's Spotlight series tells the stories behind the research. Cinzia Casiraghi describes her experiences working in academic graphene research, and the challenges she faced in becoming a professor.

By Graphene Flagship / 20 April 2017
MoS2 transistors on the microprocessor chip
Electronics / Research / Telecom

Flexible Microprocessors

Researchers from the Graphene Flagship have demonstrated the first fully functional microprocessor based on a layered material. The processor chip consists of 115 integrated transistors and is a first step toward ultra-thin, flexible logic devices.

By Graphene Flagship / 11 April 2017
Innovation / Exhibition / Telecom

Graphene Connect From Datacom to IoT

The Graphene Connect meeting, From Datacom to IoT, was held on 2 March 2017 at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, alongside the Graphene Experience Zone, with sessions on data communications, flexible electronics and sensors.

By Sophia Lloyd / 24 March 2017
Innovation / Composites / Research

Scalable Graphene Inks

Conductive inks based on graphene and layered materials are key for low-cost manufacturing of flexible electronics, novel energy solutions, composites and coatings. A new method for liquid-phase exfoliation of graphite paves the way for scalable production.

By Sophia Lloyd / 21 February 2017
Perovskite-based solar cells
Research / Energy / Sustainability

Large Area PSCs

Perovskite-based solar cells have record high efficiencies converting solar energy to electrical power, but suffer efficiency reductions at large areas. Researchers in the Graphene Flagship have overcome these limitations with graphene, making large area solar cells with superior performances.

By Sophia Lloyd / 15 February 2017