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European Commission visits Graphene Pavilion at MWC19
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European Commission visits Graphene Pavilion at MWC19

Director General of DG CONNECT at the European Commission, Roberto Viola, visited the Graphene Pavilion at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019 this morning. In a meeting with the director of the Graphene Flagship, Jari Kinaret, he discovered the ways in which graphene will enable better connectivity.

By Graphene Flagship / 25 February 2019
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Graphene boron nitride ‘sandwich’ key to new electronics

Picture: Carl Otto Moesgaard Graphene Flagship researchers solved one of the challenges of making graphene nano-electronics effective: to carve out graphene to nanoscale dimensions without ruining its electrical properties. This allowed them to achieve electrical currents orders of magnitude higher than previously achieved for similar structures. The work shows that the quantum transport properties needed for future electronics can survive scaling down to nanometric dimensions.

By Fernando Gomollón-Bel / 19 February 2019
Materials / Electronics / Research

Waterproof contacts for graphene electronic circuits

The electrical contact resistance at metal–graphene interfaces can significantly degrade the properties of devices. Graphene Flagship researchers observed that when graphene is integrated with the metal of a circuit, its contact resistance is not impaired by humidity. This will help develop new sensors with a significant cost reduction.

By SINC and Graphene Flagship / 07 February 2019