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Collaboration / Research / Aeronautics

Graphene in Zero-G promises success in space

In a successful collaboration between the Graphene Flagship and the European Space Agency, experiments testing graphene for two different space-related applications have shown extremely promising results. Based on these results, the Flagship are continuing to develop graphene devices for use in space.

By Sophia Lloyd / 15 December 2017
Research / Collaboration / Fundamental

The HiMagGraphene project is controlling magnetism in graphene with hydrogen atoms

In the image above are shown magnetic moments are formed when hydrogen atoms bond to carbon atoms in the honeycomb graphene lattice. The honeycomb lattice comprises two sublattices, and the moments align ferromagnetically (blue) when on the same sublattice and antiferromagnetically (orange) when on the opposing sublattice. Credit: C. Bickel/Science

By Siân Fogden / 13 December 2017
Research / Spintronics / Collaboration

Graphene spin transport takes a step forward towards applications

Researchers from the Graphene Flagship have predicted and demonstrated a giant spin anisotropy in graphene, paving the way for new spintronic logic devices. This landmark collaborative effort shows the Flagship’s role in rapid progress, from theoretical concept to experimental confirmation.

By Graphene Flagship / 12 December 2017
Collaboration / Composites / Innovation

Graphene’s Raw Potential in Composites

Graphene composites could reduce reliance on critical raw materials for automotive, aerospace, and energy applications, as highlighted at a workshop co-hosted by EIT Raw Materials, Hub Innovation Trentino and the Graphene Flagship in Trento, Italy.

By Sophia Lloyd / 22 November 2017
Exhibition / Collaboration / Digital Events

The Graphene Flagship Shines at The Tallinn Digital Summit

At the Tallinn Digital Summit, the Graphene Flagship showcased the potential of graphene and related materials to Heads of State and Government from across Europe with an array of interactive demonstrators and prototypes.

By Siân Fogden / 20 November 2017
Graphene Connect / Materials / Devices

Graphene Connect: New Materials and Devices

In a fully booked session at Graphene Week, the Graphene Flagship hosted a Graphene Connect workshop aimed at bringing together researchers from academia and industry involved in developing news materials for new technologies.

By Sophia Lloyd / 17 November 2017
Research / Space / Collaboration

3…2…1…Launch! Graphene goes Zero G!

​After a long summer of hard work in the laboratories, researchers in the Graphene Flagship are ready for two experiments this week, testing graphene technologies for space-related applications in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA).

By Sophia Lloyd / 13 November 2017
Collaboration / Industry / Graphene Week

The PolyGraph Project Produces Graphene-Reinforced Polymers

PolyGraph developed a panel for seats in vehicles, comprising an epoxy resin containing graphene which provided improvement to the thermal, mechanical and electrical properties.

By Siân Fogden / 09 November 2017
Medical Technologies / Exhibition / Collaboration

Innovative Biomedical Technologies from The Graphene Flagship at MEDICA 2017

In the image above one of the demonstrators on display at MEDICA, from Graphene Flagship partner Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICN2), will be a retinal implant which can serve as optical prostheses for people who have lost their sight.

By Siân Fogden / 08 November 2017