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Graphene Study / Research / Materials

Introducing Graphene Study 2015

As part of its extensive education and outreach activities, Europe’s Graphene Flagship will soon stage a second Graphene Study week. This will take place from 23-28 March 2015 in Kaprun, a small town in the alpine Pinzgau region of Austria.

By Francis Sedgemore / 19 December 2014
Electronics / Materials / Innovation

Revolutionising electronics with two-dimensional materials

The future is flat – experts review the potential of graphene and other two-dimensional materials for an electronics industry in a post-silicon world.

By Francis Sedgemore / 16 December 2014
Our project / Collaboration / Research

Graphene Flagship leaders gather in Cambridge

From 17-18 November 2014, the Graphene Flagship‘s Science and Technology Forum met at Madingley Hall in Cambridge, UK.

By Francis Sedgemore / 04 December 2014
Our project / Collaboration / Innovation

Graphene Flagship – early growth and the promise of a productive future

Sixty-six new partners have been welcomed into the Graphene Flagship, almost doubling the size of the world’s premier research and innovation initiative devoted to graphene and related two-dimensional materials.

By Francis Sedgemore / 20 November 2014
Graphene Connect / Industry / Energy

Graphene in the energy sector – researchers and industrialists talk business

From fast-charging mobile batteries to solar cells, hydrogen storage, fuel cells and smart grids – scientists, engineers and industrialists discuss what is possible with graphene, and where we go from here. Real-world energy applications for graphene are closer than some in industry think.​

By Francis Sedgemore / 17 November 2014
Our project / Collaboration / Research

Graphene Flagship welcomes first associated members

As part of its mission to strengthen Europe’s graphene research and development community, the Graphene Flagship welcomes its first four associated members: Netzsch (Germany), NetComposites (UK), ABB and Imerys (Switzerland)

By Graphene Flagship / 27 October 2014
Industry / Energy / Graphene Connect

Academia and industry talk graphene in energy technologies

Later this month, research scientists and engineers will join with industry representatives and investors to discuss the use of graphene and related nanomaterials in future energy solutions.

By Francis Sedgemore / 15 October 2014
Research / Collaboration / Materials

Nature turns its attention to graphene

On the 10th anniversary of Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov’s Nobel Prize-winning work on graphene, a prestigious science journal devotes a special issue to the world’s most talked about nanomaterial.

By Francis Sedgemore / 06 October 2014
Our project / Research / Innovation

The Graphene Flagship – one year on

In October 2013, the European Commission as part of its Future and Emerging Technologies scheme launched two FET flagships – the Human Brain Project, and the Graphene Flagship. These large scale, international research collaborations have been implemented initially as Seventh Framework Programme projects, with the longer term organisation within FP7′s successor research and innovation framework, Horizon 2020.

By Francis Sedgemore / 06 October 2014
Research / Innovation / Materials

Wearable motion sensors from graphene and rubber bands

Scientists in Ireland and the UK have combined the cutting edge material graphene with rubber bands to create wearable body motion sensors that can be used for monitoring joint and muscle motion, breathing and pulse.

By Francis Sedgemore / 22 September 2014