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Bright futures: what's next for graphene?
Sustainability / Industry / Research

Bright futures: what's next for graphene?

The Graphene Flagship funds comprehensive roadmapping efforts within our Industrialisation Work Package. Our researchers study the state-of-the-art developments based on graphene technologies, analyse the market, and then provide strategic guidance on commercial uptake and industrial impact.

By Fernando Gomollón-Bel / 23 December 2021
It all started with sticky tape
Innovation / Space / Research

It all started with sticky tape

The Graphene Flagship reviews the story of graphene, from the dream and wonder of the very first experiments to impactful products and successful commercial endeavours

By Fernando Gomollón-Bel / 21 December 2021
Innovation / Products / Industry

#TechTuesday: Grafren's fully flexible smart-textiles

Welcome to our Graphene Flagship #TechTuesday series! These articles will introduce some of the latest graphene-enabled products, pioneered and commercialised by different companies within the Graphene Flagship project. Today, we unveil Grafren's smart textiles, ready to monitor human health, regulate temperature, and much more.

By Graphene Flagship / 09 November 2021