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Ali Shaygan Nia portrait
Composites / Innovation / Collaboration

Graphene for foam and coating applications

Based at Technische Universität Dresden, Ali Shaygan Nia is a business developer for graphene-based coatings and composites for environmental applications such as air and water purification and anticorrosion coatings. Shaygan Nia has a PhD in polymer chemistry and more than six years’ experience developing graphene and 2D materials for composites and coatings. He also has experience on graphene-based product development and commercialisation by acting as application engineer at the Graphene Flagship's spin-off Sixonia Tech. Shaygan Nia now offers his thoughts on the current state of graphene in foam and coating applications.

By Rebecca Waters / 18 February 2021
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Collaboration / Research / Innovation

Deep Dive Meet the Graphene Flagship Partnering Division

​Our Associate Members and Partnering Projects make up the Graphene Flagship Partnering Division. These are other EU-funded projects, research initiatives in Member States, as well as SMEs and large industrial companies who work in close collaboration with the Graphene Flagship. This partnership greatly extends our reach in terms of technological and research expertise by fostering collaboration beyond our Core Partners. The Graphene Flagship Partnering Division has yielded some great results so far.

By Graphene Flagship / 29 May 2020