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Work Package 19

The key mission of the Graphene Flagship’s Industrialisation Work Package is to bring research results to the real world. To this end, the group facilitates and accelerates the uptake of graphene and layered materials in commercial applications through four closely interconnected tasks:

  • Exploring, evaluating and forecasting application opportunities based on market needs through the Technology and Innovation Roadmap (TIR);
  • Improving trust and confidence in graphene and layered material-enabled products by providing validation services;
  • Developing consensus-based and accepted international standards for properties and characterisation of graphene and layered materials, and devices, components and systems enhanced by them;
  • Communicating characteristics and specifications transparently via the Samples and Materials Database.
The Graphene Flagship is a unique community, combining all the elements necessary to bring new material-based innovations to the market, for the benefit of society.

Thomas Reiss
Work Package Deputy Leader

Work Package Leadership

Leader: Alexander Tzalenchuk, NPL, United Kingdom
Deputy: Thomas Reiss, Fraunhofer ISI, Germany

Division Leadership

Leader: Rebecca Waters, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden​
Deputy: Alexander Tzalenchuk, NPL, United Kingdom

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