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Graphene Flagship Events

Upcoming Events

The Graphene Flagship organises a variety of events for researchers, industry and early career researchers in order to inspire you to engage in better research, innovation and collaboration. The project is also represented at external tradeshows and exhibitions. 

Which events are right for you?

For Researchers

Our events for researchers include our annual conference Graphene Week, our workshops for early career researchers Graphene Study, our International Workshops which encourage collaborations with researchers in many other parts of the world, and our digital events.

For Industry

The Graphene Flagship organises several events for industry including the Graphene Marketplace events hosted by Graphene Flagship partners who wish to promote graphene applications in their companies and Innovation Workshops created to foster innovation projects between academia and industry.

In addition to our own industry events, the Graphene Flagship showcases graphene applications at industry tradeshows and exhibitions.

For Students

The Graphene Flagship promotes the education of early career researchers with its Graphene Study events.

Three women reading at the Graphene Week 2019

For Diversity

The Diversity in Graphene initiative aims to create a collaborative research environment where everybody feels welcome, without any prejudice. The initiative holds two annual meetings, a career day and a meeting at the Graphene Week conference.

Past Events

5-6 December 2017

EU-Korea Workshop 2017

The 3rd EU-Korea Workshop was held on 05-06 December 2017, at Ramada Plaza Hotel, in Jeju, Korea.

23-25 October 2017

US-EU Workshop 2017

The US-EU 2D Workshop was held on October 23-25, 2017 in Arlington, Virginia, USA. Coorganized by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Graphene Flagship, this workshop provided a venue for discussion of common challenges and opportunities in this rapidly developing research area.

Graphene Week 2017
25-29 September 2017

Graphene Week 2017

Graphene Week 2017, was held on 25-29 September, saw over 550 delegates from 39 countries immerse themselves in the world of graphene and related materials. Graphene Week 2017 was jointly organised by the Graphene Flagship and its partner FORTH (Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas) and held in the Greek city of Athens.

Barcelona, Spain
06-08 May, 2017

EU-Japan Workshop 2017

The second Graphene Flagship EU–Japan Workshop was held at the Casa Convalescència, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Campus in Barcelona (Spain), during 6 - 8 May 2017. Co-organised by the Graphene Flagship and the Japanese Science and Technology Agency (JST), CREST and Science of Atomic Layers (SATL) project, the workshop focused on material production and device fabrication, and exploration of electronic, photonics, and spintronics in novel structures.

Attendees at the Graphene Flagship EU-US Workshop
10 - 12 October 2016

EU-US Workshop 2016

The EU-US Workshop was held at the National Graphene Institute in Manchester (UK) during 10-12 October 2016. The workshop provided an open technical forum that brought together leading researchers from the US and Europe to discuss cutting-edge research in 2D materials, their heterostructures, and devices based on such materials. The aim was to facilitate scientific exchanges and discuss needs and mechanisms for future collaborations.

Copenhagen, Denmark
15-16 August 2016

EU-Korea Workshop 2016

This workshop was held on 15-16 August, in the Natural History Museum, in Copenhagen, Denmark. The purpose of the EU-Korea workshop was to exchange experiences, practices, and ideas related to the current and emerging topics associated with the basic chemistry approach, materials synthesis, application development and commercialisation for graphene and related 2D materials.

University of Warsaw, Poland
13-17 June 2016

Graphene Week 2016

The 11th edition of Graphene Week was held in the capital of Poland on the main campus of the University of Warsaw, the largest and one of the oldest academic institutions in the country. The university is nestled in the heart of the city’s historic area on Krakowskie Przedmiescie Street, part of the Royal Route, one of the most beautiful places in Warsaw, near the Old Town, the Royal Castle and the National Theatre.

22-26 June 2015

Graphene Week 2015

Graphene Week 2015 took place at the University of Manchester in northern England. More than 600 delegates at the Graphene Flagship event presented and discussed a mass of outstanding science and engineering research results, and took part in a number of fringe sessions, including a BBC World Service panel discussion and an open forum. They also enjoyed the premiere of Graphene Suite – a musical composition by the National Graphene Institute’s composer-in-residence.

 Graphene Week 2014 participants
23-27 June 2014

Graphene Week 2014

The Graphene Week 2014 was held during 23-27 June, in Gothenburg, Sweden. Its focus was on science, technology and emerging applications of graphene.

electronics board
9 March 2023

Enabling technologies for graphene and TMDC CMOS integration

Dedicated research has identified many opportunities for graphene and transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDC) to be used in various electronic applications. In this workshop, experts in the field highlighted the steps taken forward and addressed key challenges in this quest to enable CMOS-compatible wafer-scale fabrication routes.