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Graphene Flagship Events

Upcoming Events

The Graphene Flagship organises a variety of events for researchers, industry and early career researchers in order to inspire you to engage in better research, innovation and collaboration. The project is also represented at external tradeshows and exhibitions. 

Which events are right for you?

For Researchers

Our events for researchers include our annual conference Graphene Week, our workshops for early career researchers Graphene Study, our International Workshops which encourage collaborations with researchers in many other parts of the world, and our digital events.

For Industry

The Graphene Flagship organises several events for industry including the Graphene Marketplace events hosted by Graphene Flagship partners who wish to promote graphene applications in their companies and Innovation Workshops created to foster innovation projects between academia and industry.

In addition to our own industry events, the Graphene Flagship showcases graphene applications at industry tradeshows and exhibitions.

For Students

The Graphene Flagship promotes the education of early career researchers with its Graphene Study events.

Three women reading at the Graphene Week 2019

For Diversity

The Diversity in Graphene initiative aims to create a collaborative research environment where everybody feels welcome, without any prejudice. The initiative holds two annual meetings, a career day and a meeting at the Graphene Week conference.

Past Events

 illustration of hexagonal structure
19-21 November, 2018

EU-Japan Workshop 2018

The 3rd EU-Japan Workshop was held on 9-11 November 2018, at Tohoku University, in Sendai, Japan. This workshop provides the opportunity for Japanese and European researchers to discuss and exchange information on the progress in the area of graphene and related two-dimensional (2D) materials (GRM), fundamental physical phenomena and devices. The aim is to facilitate scientific exchanges and identify the needs and mechanisms for future collaborations.

Sydney, Australia
17-19 October 2018

Australia-EU Workshop 2018

The EU-Australia Workshop was held on 17-19 October 2018, in Adelaide and Sydney respectively. Co-organized by the Australian Research Council (ARC) Hub for Graphene Enabled Industry Transformation, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), and the European Graphene Flagship project, this workshop provided a platform for discussing the common challenges and opportunities in moving graphene from lab to products.

banner image for Leonardo Marketplace event
17 October 2018

Marketplace Leonardo

This event was organised in collaboration with the Graphene Flagship as part of the Graphene Marketplace event series. Graphene: revolution is coming to Earth... and Space brought together the public, press, Leonardo employees, and representatives from across Flagship divisions, to discuss the future possibilities and opportunities for graphene related materials.

Annick Loiseau, leading scientist with Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Onera​
October 2018

Women in Graphene 2018

The Women in Graphene initiative within the Graphene Flagship has been set up to help support women and create a more gender diverse scientific community.

Kursaal Congress Centre
13-14 September

EU-US Workshop 2018

The 4th US-EU Workshop was held on 13-14 September 2018 at Kursaal Congress Centre, in San Sebastian (Spain) as part of the Graphene Week 2018 conference. Co-organized by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the European Graphene Flagship project, this workshop provided a venue for discussing the common challenges and opportunities in this rapidly developing research area.

Graphene Week 2018
9-14 September 2018

Graphene Week 2018

The 13th edition of Graphene Week held at the Kursaal Congress Centre and Auditorium in the beautiful city of San Sebastian, Spain, came to a close on 14 September. The week featured talks, workshops, discussions, posters, demonstrations, and vital opportunities for meeting and networking.

Hexagon illustration
8-9 September 2018

EU-Korea Workshop 2018

The 4th EU-Korea Workshop was held on 8-9 September 2018 in San Sebastian, Spain immediately before the Graphene Week 2018 conference. The workshop's aim was to be a forum for the exchange of experiences, practices and ideas related to the current and emerging topics associated with the basic chemistry approach, materials synthesis, application development and commercialization for graphene and related 2D materials.

Hindås, Sweden
1 - 6 July 2018

Graphene Study Summer 2018

The Graphene Study 2018, summer edition, titled 2D materials for environment and energy applications, delved into deeper aspects of how things work, exploring experimenters' techniques in studying energy and environmental applications for graphene, mainly filtration and energy storage technologies. Leading academic and industry experts from around the world provided delegates with their insights on topics from nanofluidics and power generation to desalination using graphene.

Elaine Eksvärd presented methods to master suppression techniques at the Graphene Flagship's Women in Graphene and Science workshop.
8 March 2018

Women in Graphene Career Event 2018

The workshop was an opportunity for women and men in the flagship and beyond to consider the challenges and opportunities presented to women working in the traditionally male-dominated science field and to empower them to succeed.

The Graphene Flagship Pavilion at Mobile World Congress 2018
26 February - 1 March 2018

Mobile World Congress 2018

Mobile World Congress is the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry, organised by the GSMA and held in Barcelona, Spain, in late February every year. The 2018 edition of MWC attracted over 100 000 attendees, 2 400 exhibitors and was covered by more than 3 500 members of international press and media.

Obergurgl, Austria
05 - 10 February

Graphene Study Winter 2018

The topic of Graphene Study 2018, winter edition, was Structural characterisation of graphene-based materials. The event provided delegates with a strategic overview of the most common techniques and methodologies available to determine the nature, composition and behaviour of 2D nanomaterials, thin films and nanostructured composites. Attendees learned how different techniques can be used to probe into the internal structure and properties of a 2D material or composite.

5-6 December 2017

EU-Korea Workshop 2017

The 3rd EU-Korea Workshop was held on 05-06 December 2017, at Ramada Plaza Hotel, in Jeju, Korea.

The Graphene Flagship demos at MEDICA 2017
13 - 16 November 2017


MEDICA is the largest medical trade fair in the world – in 2017 it attracted more than 123,000 professional trade visitors from 130 nations and more than 5,100 exhibitors from 66 countries in 17 halls. The Graphene Flagship used this opportunity to showcase the latest graphene research in Graphene Biomedical Technologies to decision-makers in the medical industry from all over the world.

23-25 October 2017

US-EU Workshop 2017

The US-EU 2D Workshop was held on October 23-25, 2017 in Arlington, Virginia, USA. Coorganized by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Graphene Flagship, this workshop provided a venue for discussion of common challenges and opportunities in this rapidly developing research area.

Emilie Klecha speaking at the Graphene Week 2017 Women In Graphene session
October 2017

Women in Graphene 2017

Graphene Week 2017 hosted a Women in Graphene session, part of the overarching Women in Graphene initiative set up by the Graphene Flagship to help support women and create a more gender diverse scientific community.