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Biomedical / Photonics / Research

Graphene enables ultrafast laser pulses for spectroscopy and biomedical applications

Graphene Flagship researchers have developed an optical fibre laser that emits pulses with durations equivalent to just a few wavelengths of the light used. This fastest ever laser based on graphene will be ideal for use in ultrafast spectroscopy, and in surgical lasers that avoid heat damage to living tissue.

By Francis Sedgemore / 03 August 2015
Electronics / Research / Innovation

Graphene supercurrents go ballistic

Researchers with Europe’s Graphene Flagship have demonstrated superconducting electric currents in the two-dimensional material graphene that bounce between sheet edges without scattering. This first direct observation of the ballistic mirroring of electron waves in a 2d system with supercurrents could lead to the use of graphene-based Josephson junctions in applications such as advanced digital logic circuits, ultrasensitive magnetometers and voltmeters.

By Francis Sedgemore / 27 July 2015
Graphene Week / Electronics / Research

Graphene Week 2015 – from science fundamentals to low-cost production

Keynote presentations on the third day of Graphene Week 2015 offered an eclectic mix of fundamental science and practical chemical engineering. Here we report briefly on each of the talks, beginning with an introduction to optoelectronics in 2d semiconductors and heterostructures, and concluding with an outline of a highly promising ‘kitchen sink’ approach to graphene production.

By Francis Sedgemore / 23 July 2015
Graphene Week / Electronics / Research

Graphene Week 2015 looks at the electronic properties of 2d materials

Graphene Week 2015 was buzzing with activity throughout the University of Manchester venue, with more than 600 delegates presenting and discussing their work, networking and making plans for the future. Each morning of the conference was given over to plenary sessions, with keynote presentations from invited speakers. Here we report on the Tuesday plenary, which was devoted to the electronic properties of graphene and related layered materials.

By Francis Sedgemore / 14 July 2015
Graphene Week / diversity / Our project

Graphene Week sees launch of Women in Graphene

Graphene Week 2015 saw the launch of Women in Graphene, a support network for women in graphene and related 2d materials research. As in other areas of science and engineering, women make up significant proportion of the 2d materials workforce, but they face a number of gender-specific barriers to career progression.

By Francis Sedgemore / 08 July 2015
Graphene Week / Research / Innovation

Graphene Week 2015 – publishing 2d materials research

Two of the fringe sessions at the recent conference in Manchester were devoted to the publishing of scientific research. The first of these was organised by Institute of Physics Publishing, which produces a number of academic journals, other periodicals and books. Another session was hosted by editors from Nature Publishing Group, responsible for Nature and a large number of thematic journals, some of which are used extensively by graphene researchers.

By Francis Sedgemore / 07 July 2015
Graphene Week / Research / Exhibition

Graphene Week 2015 hosts BBC World Service forum

Graphene Week 2015 in Manchester saw the BBC World Service in town to record an episode of The Forum – a radio discussion programme that tackles the big questions of our age with some of the world’s most eminent thinkers, movers and shakers.

By Francis Sedgemore / 03 July 2015
Graphene Week / Collaboration / Exhibition

Graphene Week 2015

Graphene Week 2015 has drawn to a close after a hugely successful conference in Manchester. More than 600 delegates at the Graphene Flagship event last week presented and discussed a mass of outstanding science and engineering research results, and took part in a number of fringe sessions, including a BBC World Service panel discussion and an open forum. They also enjoyed the premiere of Graphene Suite – a musical composition by the National Graphene Institute’s composer-in-residence.

By Francis Sedgemore / 01 July 2015
sensors / Industry / Innovation

Bosch breakthrough in graphene sensor technology

Graphene Week 2015 is awash with outstanding research results, but one presentation has created quite a stir at this Graphene Flagship conference. To a stunned audience, Robert Roelver of Stuttgart-based engineering firm Bosch reported on Thursday that company researchers, together with scientists at the Max-Planck Institute for Solid State Research, have created a graphene-based magnetic sensor 100 times more sensitive than an equivalent device based on silicon.

By Francis Sedgemore / 26 June 2015
Graphene Week / Exhibition / Collaboration

Graphene Suite – where art meets materials science

At Graphene Week 2015 in Manchester yesterday, delegates and others were treated to the premiere of a musical suite by Sara Lowes, composer-in-residence at the National Graphene Institute. Sara’s Graphene Suite was commissioned by Brighter Sound, a Manchester-based producer of creative music projects and other cultural events.

By Francis Sedgemore / 26 June 2015
Graphene Week / Electronics / Innovation

Graphene Week 2015 – science highlights from day 1

In a previous article, we looked at keynote presentations from the first day of Graphene Week 2015 in Manchester. Here we outline the contributed science talks from the first day of the conference, of which there were nine in each of two parallel sessions.

By Francis Sedgemore / 25 June 2015
Graphene Week / Electronics / Research

Graphene Week 2015 – reviewing the 2d landscape

Graphene Week 2015 is hosted by the University of Manchester in northern England, and it was from this world-renowned centre of trade, industry and technology that the Nobel Prize-winning revolution in graphene and related two-dimensional materials was launched.

By Francis Sedgemore / 24 June 2015
Graphene Week / Our project / Exhibition

Graphene Focus 2015 – the journey so far

In the previous article, we looked at keynote presentations from the first day of Graphene Week 2015 in Manchester. Here we report on Graphene Focus, an open forum to which researchers, industrialists and the general public were invited to contribute questions. Graphene Focus is but one of many ways in which the Graphene Flagship makes itself accountable to the world beyond the research community, industry and the political establishment.

By Francis Sedgemore / 24 June 2015
Graphene Week / Research / Collaboration

Graphene Week 2015 – back to where it all started

Graphene Week is the centrepiece of the Graphene Flagship calendar, and this year the conference takes place at the University of Manchester in northern England. The city of Manchester, renowned the world over as a centre of trade, technology and innovation, is home to the UK’s National Graphene Institute. It is also the research base of Andre Geim and Kostya Novoselov, the lauded scientists who in 2010 won the Nobel Prize in Physics for their pioneering work on the properties of graphene.

By Francis Sedgemore / 23 June 2015