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Ultrafast photodetectors with graphene

Scientists affiliated with Europe’s Graphene Flagship develop a photodetector that converts incident light into electrical signals on femtosecond timescales, enabling ultrafast operation speeds for electronic circuits in optical communications and various other applications.

By Francis Sedgemore / 14 April 2015
Research / Electronics / Composites

Graphene and organic composites in electronics

Chemists from Europe’s Graphene Flagship review the potential for graphene-organic composite materials in electronics. ​The researchers show how organic semiconductors can be used to better process graphene, and to tune its properties for particular applications.

By Francis Sedgemore / 08 April 2015
Research / Collaboration / Materials

Square ice filling for a graphene sandwich

Graphene Flagship scientists observe square ice crystals between graphene layers brought together under ultra-high pressures generated by atomic interactions. The finding could lead to a better understanding of water flow through nanoscale channels and across membranes.

By Francis Sedgemore / 25 March 2015
hexagons illustration
Research / Materials / Telecom

A graphene solution for microwave interference

Graphene provides an effective shield against microwaves, say researchers from Europe’s Graphene Flagship. The finding could see this two-dimensional material used to reduce microwave pollution and enhance the electromagnetic compatibility of future nanoscale electronic devices.

By Francis Sedgemore / 20 March 2015
Attendees Graphene Study 2015
Graphene Study / Research / Materials

Introducing Graphene Study 2015

As part of its extensive education and outreach activities, Europe’s Graphene Flagship will soon stage a second Graphene Study week. This will take place from 23-28 March 2015 in Kaprun, a small town in the alpine Pinzgau region of Austria.

By Francis Sedgemore / 19 December 2014