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Two people attenting a poster session.
Graphene Week / Collaboration / Diversity

The future of graphene part1

The Graphene Flagship has long been committed to investing in young, talented scientists to assist in the research and development of graphene and related materials. We interviewed early career researchers from the Graphene Flagship's Core partners, AMs and PPs about their time collaborating with the project and their expectations ahead of Graphene Week 2019.

By Graphene Flagship / 18 September 2019
Scientist working in a laboratory
electronics / industry / product

Graphene reaches the market secretly

It is a two-dimensional material that has promised almost magical applications. Almost ten years after its ‘parents’ won a Nobel Prize, its most mundane applications are coming to market. Although the products are not revolutionary, many companies that use graphene do so with a secrecy that stands out against the marketing of others. (Picture. Graphenea)

By Sergio Ferrer / 29 May 2019