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#TechTuesday: Graphene for wearable UV sensors

Graphene is changing the wearable technology landscape. Graphene Flagship partners have developed a wearable UV sensor that can empower us to continuously monitor and proactively limit our UV exposure.

By Melanie Lawson / 22 March 2022
Industry / Innovation

#TechTuesday: Graphene aerogels for loudspeakers

The Graphene Flagship is making waves in the loudspeaker industry. Our partners use graphene aerogels to revolutionise a principle conceived of more than a century ago: thermoacoustics, the production of sound by rapidly heating and cooling a material rather than through mechanical vibrations.

By Melanie Lawson / 08 March 2022
nose smelling particles

#TechTuesday: A human nose made of graphene

Detecting toxic substances is nearly impossible when walking down the street, now Graphene Flagship researchers may have the answer, and you probably already own one – a smartphone!

By Melanie Lawson / 01 March 2022
Layered materials for energy generation and heat pumps

Layered materials for energy generation and heat pumps

A conversation with graphene researcher Ilaria Pallecchi, coordinator of the Graphene Flagship Partnering Project MELoDICA. Transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) are layered materials that offer alternative benefits in many different applications. A good example is thermoelectricity: the direct and reversible conversion of heat into electricity.

By Letizia Diamante / 17 February 2022