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Light bends electrons through graphene
Photonics / Electronics / Materials

Light bends electrons through graphene

Graphene Flagship researchers from ICFO in Barcelona, in collaboration with teams in Columbia University, US, NTU, Singapore and NIMS, Japan, have reported the first use of light to bend of electrons in bilayer graphene.

By ICFO and Graphene Flagship / 19 April 2022
Graphene soars towards the marketplace
Innovation / Marketplace / Industry

Graphene soars towards the marketplace

The last years have been quite unusual, but this did not get in the way of new innovations from Graphene Flagship members, Partnering Projects and Spearhead Projects around Europe. Here, Francesco Bonaccorso, Deputy Head of Innovation for the Graphene Flagship, looks back at four of the most-read graphene stories from the last year. Read on to learn about how graphene could give us faster mobile phones, safer aircraft and seafaring vessels, and even a new construction material that replicates human bone.

By Graphene Flagship / 14 April 2022
2D materials for next generation computing
2D-EPL / Innovation / Materials

2D materials for next generation computing

In a compact comment published in Nature Communications, Graphene Flagship and 2D-EPL researchers outline the most promising fields of applications of two-dimensional (2D) materials, as well as their remaining challenges towards the appearance of high-tech products.

By Graphene Flagship / 31 March 2022
fitness patch

#TechTuesday: Graphene for wearable UV sensors

Graphene is changing the wearable technology landscape. Graphene Flagship partners have developed a wearable UV sensor that can empower us to continuously monitor and proactively limit our UV exposure.

By Melanie Lawson / 22 March 2022