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Women in Graphene initiative was hosted for the first time in a 3D virtual world

Women in Graphene was held for the first time in a fully three-dimensional and interactive virtual world, with 70 delegates and a whole host of inspiring talks. The coronavirus lockdown did not stand in the way of the Graphene Flagship celebrating diversity.

By Tom Foley / 20 March 2020
Energy / Sustainability / Research

Graphene, perovskites, and silicon – an ideal tandem for efficient solar cells

Graphene Flagship researchers successfully combined graphene with tandem perovskite-silicon solar cells to achieve efficiencies of up to 26.3%. Moreover, they envisioned a new manufacturing method that, thanks to the versatility of graphene, allows to reduce production costs and could lead to the production of large-area solar panels.

By Fernando Gomollón-Bel / 03 March 2020